NVIB Bell Schedule 2020-2021


Students enter the building beginning at 8am.

Students reporting to Lv 1 and Puentes, Sarrafi, Hall, and Lowe arrive in the bus lobby (lv1) entrance. The rest of Lv 2 and all of lv 3 arrive at the main entrance. Lv 3 then reports to the mega by walking through the cafeteria. 

If students would like to get breakfast from the cafeteria, they may do so by reporting to the cafeteria and sitting on the stage side in assigned seats, then reporting to 1st block.

Each class is 68 minutes in length. 1st block has extra time for attendance and homeroom purposes. Lunch is 21 minutes. 

Every student has reading and math each day, while the other 6 classes (Design, Science, Individuals and Societies, Fine Arts, Physical Education, and Language Acquisition) are A/B day. 

Dismissal is at 3:00pm for bus riders with students using the Lv 1 and main doors. Car riders are dismissed at 3:05pm using the same 2 doors. 


Bell Schedule

8:00-8:32 am Arrival and report to 1st Block

8:35 - 9:53 (68 +10)

1st Block

9:56 - 11:04(68)

2nd Block

11:07 - 12:38 (68 + Lunch)

3rd Block and Lunch

12:41 - 1:49 (68)

4th Block

1:52 - 3:00 (68)

5th Block