WIN (What I Need) is Northview's enrichment and intervention block to provide support based on the personalized learning needs of each student. Each WIN rotation lasts approximately four and a half weeks to provide progress monitoring of students participating in intervention blocks as well as engaging activities for enrichment.

All students are engaged in reading comprehension strategies throughout their time in each WIN rotation. The reading comprehension strategies include: evaluating word problems in math, critically engaging in informational texts, and comparing and contrasting a variety of content-specific passages or vocabulary.

Intervention groups are dynamic allowing students to exit upon demonstrating mastery at the end of the rotation. Based on the fluid nature of the intervention groups, students may also be entered into intervention groups based on individual learning needs as the year progresses. 

We strive to meet the personalized learning needs of all students. Utilizing our WIN model, is another way we ensure that all students are being supported in being successful at Northview.